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What To Expect

What To Expect

When you come to North Woodbury you can expect to find genuine, friendly, people who are warm and welcoming. In fact, you might just find it feels a lot like family—the good kind! We want you to come just as you are, but to walk away looking more like Jesus! We are a simple group of people who LOVE Jesus, LIVE to serve Him by serving others, and desire to LEAD others into an intimate relationship with Him. 


Our ATMOSPHERE is relaxed and casual because we are not focused on what kind of clothes you're wearing, whether or not you have tattoos...or even if you're struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction! WE. WANT. YOU. HERE! We fully understand we are ALL BROKEN… and DESPERATELY DEPENDENT on Christ to get us through this crazy life, and to give us an eternal purpose. 

We are MORE interested in encouraging your relationship with Christ, walking through this journey with you, sharing the power of His Word through expositional and practical teaching, creating an atmosphere of praise through music, and being a place where you can feel the love of God permeating through this fellowship of believers.

If this is what you are looking for, then you can start this journey with us by attending one of our Sunday worship gatherings at 10:30am. We trust you will experience the supernatural power of God as you worship alongside us and begin this journey together!

Hope to see you soon!!!