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Global Missions Ministry

Global Missions Ministry

missions at NW


We are called to proclaim!

This is the calling of Christ: To proclaim the salvation He alone brings through His life, death, and resurrection. Today, Christ continues to fulfill His work through the body of believers, His church. Our mandate, Acts 1:8, and the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20, frame our mission as a church here at NWAC. In missions, we join in the work Christ is already doing to draw people unto Himself. Locally, we witness and take part in this work when we pray with the woman who is hurting at our annual Community Christmas Store. We are part of Christ’s work when we hand out coats, food, or school supplies to families who are touched by Christ’s generosity. We take part in this work when we go to our jobs or school with the mindset that we represent Christ to our coworkers and friends. It is life giving to witness Christ drawing others to Himself! Wherever God has placed you, there is a call to be answered.

We are commissioned to proclaim the Gospel in both local and global ways by serving our missionaries and by going ourselves. Go, Send, or Disobey. That’s the framework.

For everyone who attends North Woodbury, we want to see them go from interested, to engaged, to passionate about missions on all levels. I want to support, serve, guide, and equip the each person in the body at NWAC to answer their call to missions.

Missions should be infused into everything we do here as a church. It is not a separate ministry from the children’s ministry or women’s or men’s or life groups or whatever. No, all of it is to be done with a missional mindset. How can we move into that … where all of life is on mission with what God is doing in the world?



“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim the Good News to the poor.” -Luke 4:18-19


Missions Coordinator: Alex Bennett 

Please view our calendar for upcoming missions/outreach events. For resources, click here.