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Where are We Headed?

I pressed shuffle on my Amazon music playlist. I began driving home from the church at night on Rt. 314. I felt like something, someone, was gripping my heart and I needed to pay attention to it. A song came on I had never heard before, so I began to listen to the lyrics. "Through waters uncharted my soul will embark I'll follow Your voice straight into the dark And if ...

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Direction. Vision. Clarity.


How God's redemption fuels our mission and magnifies His glory....

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God Moments

Have you ever had a moment when things seem to work out just right? When coincidences are so apparent there has to be someone guiding circumstances on our behalf? Maybe you've experienced a seemingly tragic moment that eventually culminated in tremendous blessing, and in retrospect you clearly see the hand of God? Most of us have had these experiences. And in the Body of C...

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How Can I Be Silent?

Something happened to me, and I will never be the same again. Sure, life is constantly changing and as I grow older, I mature more into a responsible, hard-working adult. None of us can help the fact that life happens, and life affects us. Life changes us. Oftentimes one singular event can change every facet of our lives. Other times it is a person, or a series of events t...

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Faithful in Relationship

I'm about to get personal in this blog post. Pastor Cory challenged me to write about what the Lord is teaching me right now in this very moment. To do so, I must be willing to be vulnerable enough to share some of my struggles and desires concerning where I am at in this season of life. It's okay though, because who reads these blog posts anyways?! ;) God is teaching me ...

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Unity in the Church

Unity. Solidarity. Community. Reconciliation. Fellowship. These are buzzwords that have been floating around my university and in my heart the past two years. What do these words actually mean? What do they all have in common? How do they play out in the church practically? Since my Junior year of highschool, I have been on a spiritual and theological journey to answer th...

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Harmony in the "balance"

Do believers need more "balance" in life or do we need something else entirely? Perhaps it isn't balance that needs to be found. Instead, it may be a chord that needs played with each category of life striking a new one creating a beautiful song that rises to the giver of life....

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Non-optional Clothing

In a clothing optional culture there is at least one specific garment that must be in every believers wardrobe and on their person, preferably at All times....

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Worship in the Transition

The third week of my internship here at North Woodbury is drawing to a close. Already, I cannot believe how quickly the time is flying by! After meeting many of you in the office and on Sunday mornings, I am struck with how short this summer will seem. It is already such a joy and a blessing for me to be able to serve this church body. I am not even trying to be flattering...

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A little birdie

The importance of leading others is characterized by uncharacteristic love....

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