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The Seven Blessings of Revelation


The Seven Blessings of Revelation...

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The Flicker of the Holy Spirit


Candles have long been used as a figurative expression for the Holy Spirit's presence. Throughout church history, certain church traditions lit candles to signify the presence of the Holy Spirit within the space. The bouncing, burning light off of the wick can be a reminder to us that although we cannot see Him, the Holy Spirit inhabits believers, igniting a type of fire...

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Baptism is Life... But It's Also Death


I am approaching my ten year baptism anniversary. I was baptized at the age of thirteen on a beautiful, warm, sunny Easter day. Even at that young of an age, I fully comprehended the commitment and testimony that baptism entailed, and I was excited. I was excited to share my testimony in front of my visiting family members, my church family, and all the guests that attende...

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The Repentant and Mourning Heart

praying over God's word

"Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is near!" These are the words of John the Baptist as he heralded the coming of Christ in Matthew 3. As he proclaimed, Jesus was preparing for His life changing ministry that continues today. While He is no longer here in bodily form, He continues to work on our behalf for salvation and ushering in the Kingdom of God. Those words of Joh...

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The Embodiment of Heaven

Stained Glass Shine 12 - 4x3

From Eden to eternity, humanity was created by God to dwell secure with Him. We were created to worship Him in His manifest, constant presence with nothing getting in the way of us seeing Him in all His righteous glory. God is the embodiment of heaven, and we were created to behold. Throughout history, in His grace God designed a direct pathway to His beloved creation ...

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Hospital Hospitality and its Lesson for the Church

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My husband Nate serves food at a hospital. He prepares trays of chicken salad, macaroni and cheese, stir fry, or a questionable beverage for those on a "liquid diet." They call down to the kitchen to order what they want, my husband makes sure it is compatible with their diet, arranges it on a tray, and delivers it with a smile. (And lots of jokes - this is my husband we a...

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The War Zone of Redemption

girl looking at fire

The Spiritual Reality of the Hope of Glory ...

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Where are We Headed?

I pressed shuffle on my Amazon music playlist. I began driving home from the church at night on Rt. 314. I felt like something, someone, was gripping my heart and I needed to pay attention to it. A song came on I had never heard before, so I began to listen to the lyrics. "Through waters uncharted my soul will embark I'll follow Your voice straight into the dark And if ...

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Direction. Vision. Clarity.


How God's redemption fuels our mission and magnifies His glory....

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